Internet Safety Advice

Morgan McGrady

October 14, 2014

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Social media is becoming more of a phenomenon as each day passes. But as social media use increases, Internet safety can easily be forgotten. Even as teenagers we should be aware of the danger that comes with being online. As see...

The Enterovirus 68

Dylan Gentilini

October 13, 2014

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  With all of the news about ebola, many are completely unaware of a much more serious, prevalent threat to American teens. The Enterovirus 68 is a 50 year old respiratory virus spreading across the nation. As of October...

The Big Question: How Do You Do It?

Rachael McDonald

November 6, 2013

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What would happen if the girls asked the guys to homecoming? Would the standards still be kept as high as they are now?                                                           Homecoming...

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