Bundle Up, It’s Cold Out There

Francesca Testen, In Focus Editor

Ah, winter. The time of year when you can look forward to frozen fingers, bulky winter coats and icy sidewalks. Of course, winter is not all bad, but the cold weather can be a bit of a problem, particularly for those who do not wear hats and gloves.
Undoubtedly, children and teens have all been told to “wear a hat or you’ll get sick” by their parents. This adage is probably true. According to Dr. William Bird in an article from The Daily Mail, “Shivering depresses the immune system and this makes us more likely to catch colds.” Wearing a hat and gloves is one way to stay warm this winter.
Many Urbana High students come to school, in freezing temperatures, without wearing hats and gloves. In a survey conducted among 106 students, 72 said that they do not wear hats or gloves when it is cold outside. What is causing this lack of appropriate outerwear?
Research shows that it is not just exclusive to Urbana. Teens across the country and the world choose not to wear hats or gloves for a variety of reasons. The New York Times published an online article about this same issue. Parents left their comments below. One person wrote, “[I] totally remember shunning proper winter wear mostly in middle school. We would wear coats- but no hats, no mittens or gloves, no scarves. I was cold a lot, but I’d rather have suffered than look like a baby. Being bundled up looked nerdy… Plus hats messed up your hair.”

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