Autumn‌ ‌Activities:‌ ‌What‌ can you ‌do‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌fall‌ ‌season?


Tatiana Grant, Reporter

As we enter the fall season we are constantly wanting to go out and do activities with friends, by yourself, or with family. Remember going out to the pumpkin patch or meeting up with neighbors to make pumpkin bread? But with covid-19, it leaves the question that many people have been thinking: What can you do that will still be fun and keep you in the fall spirit?

There are many great places that are open for activities such as pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and more. In the Frederick area, there is a fun place named Summer Farms located at 5620 Butterfly Lane. I personally have gone to this attraction last year around this time and it was extremely enjoyable.

Some precautions will be taking place at Summer Farms due to Covid-19. You must remain at a safe distance from others, 6 feet. Masks will be required. There will be a timed ticketing and your temperature will be screened before you enter the farm to make sure you do not have a high temperature. Also, there will be hand sanitizer stations for you to stay clean throughout the farm.

At Summers Farm there are many activities that you can partake in., such a corn mazes, pumpkin patches, fireworks and 45 more activities. Along with that, there is delicious food and campfires for s’mores.

On their website you can see daily events that the farm does including Pig Races, Firework times and a Costume Parade! Sophomore Jadyn Fleming has been to Summers Farm with a group of classmates and says, “I really liked it. It is enjoyable if you go with the right people. The staff was nice and welcoming and the maze was one of the best mazes I’ve ever been in.” Summers Farm will be open until November 8th.

Another fun attraction that many people have been going to for the past couple years is Field of Screams that is located in Olney, 4501 Olney Laytonsville Rd. It is #1 rated scream-park voted largest, most popular & awarded “best of” in Maryland, Dc, Virginia and Delaware.

Field of Screams is another fun place you can go to with friends and family. Sophomore Samiha Vali says that “the lines were short and the haunted houses were fun and had many original characters.” As for the safety conditions, you will need to fill out an electrical waiver before entering the park. There will only be online ticket purchases. You must remain in your group the whole time because you must distance from other people. Masks are mandatory. And due to Covid there will be no haunted houses but walking trails will be available.

The two walking trails, Haunted Trail and Trail of Terror, have been combined together for a longer experience and more spooks. Sophomore Ayva Levow also shared her experience, saying “it was really spooky, especially when walking through the woods. The clown part scared me the most. All of the employees were great and so was their makeup and special-effects.” Field of Screams is open every Friday and Saturday and most Thursdays & Sundays – Oct. 3rd thru Nov. 7th.

On Instagram I asked people to vote yes or no if they were planning on going out this fall and doing activities. The final percentage of voting was 71% yes and 29% no. So people are planning on going out and having some fun this fall despite the virus.

Some small things you can do at home keep you in the fall spirit are carving jack-o’-lanterns, roast pumpkin seeds, watching a scary movie, and more!

I suggest going to the Field of Screams or Summers Farm and try something new or regain old memories with friends or family. Go out and enjoy the fall weather and have fun!