Who Should’ve been in the College Football Playoff?


William Houghton, Reporter

With the college football season ending, everyone has an opinion about the final four teams, Notre Dame, Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. Were these really the four best teams or did someone else deserve a spot in the CFP?

     As of selection sunday, a lot of teams remained in contention. These teams being, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, Texas A&M, Cincinnati, Oklahoma and Coastal Carolina. With four spots available, and each team playing a different number of games within different conferences, selection day was chaotic. Alabama definitely deserved to be in the playoff, since they show no signs of weakness, dominating everyone they’ve played. Behind Alabama, Clemson was another easy pick to make the playoff. They lost one game, a tough road contest against Notre Dame without a couple stars, and made up for that loss with a win against Notre Dame in a rematch for the ACC Championship. Ohio State and Northwestern also had good playoff chances, as both teams had great records. Ohio State beat Northwestern to win the Big Ten, and even though they played only six games, they went undefeated, and so they got in the playoff. The forth playoff spot was surrounded in controversy. Texas A&M won 8 SEC games, including a game against Florida. However, A&M also got destroyed by Alabama early in the season. Cincinnati is undefeated with a strength of schedule as good as anyones, but the committee never shows teams from outside the power five conferences any love. Coastal Carolina is in the same situation as Cincy, as they have dominated everyone they’ve played, but will probably not get any love because they don’t play in a prestigious conference.

     In my opinion, Coastal Carolina should’ve made the playoff, as they went 11-0. Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State also deserved to be in.

     In the playoffs, I predict that Notre Dame will shock Alabama and make the title game. After all defenses win championships, and Notre Dame has an incredible defense, where Alabama has a great offense. In the other semifinal I think Clemson will destroy Ohio State. OSU hasn’t looked that great so far this season, and Clemson’s only loss came in double overtime on the road against Notre Dame without Trevor Lawrance, and since that game they’ve looked incredible. In the national championship, I think Clemson will defeat Notre Dame again and win a close game. Notre Dame has a star studded roster, but Clemson dominated last game they played, and I don’t imagine Trevor Lawrence losing his last college start.