WrestleMania 37 predictions


William Houghton, Reporter

With the annual Royal Rumble approaching, it is now Wrestlemania season in WWE, and the next few months will plant seeds building up to the show. Since Wrestlemana is in March, it also might be the first live pay per view with fans, since a vaccine should be out around the time of the show. Even though were still a while away, I thought it would be a good idea to give a list of my predictions for the shows biggest matches.

Main event: Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan.  I thought it would be a good idea to predict the main event of Wrestlemania first, and assuming Roman retains the championship until the show of shows, it would make perfect sense for Daniel Bryan to return to stardom and main event the show, since him and Jey Uso have been fighting off an on over the past couple of months. WWE has also been hinting at the fact that Daniel might finally win the Royal Rumble, as they talk about his chances all the time. This could be a great underdog story if Daniel is able to repeat history and win the belt at Wrestlemania in the main event again.

Kickoff match: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks is definetly going to retain her championship until Wrestlemania, and since Becky had a kid not too long ago, if she decides to return anytime soon, Wrestlemania would be a good time. Her and Sasha have had tons of beef in the past, and this would make for a great match to kickoff the show.

Big match: Seth Rollins vs Big E. Big E will probably retain his title until Wrestlemania, and if he does, Seth Rollins would be a perfect opponent for him to defend against. Seth could talk about how hes main evented mania, and how Big E hasn’t done much in WWE. This could be a huge match for Big E to submit his legacy as a great champion in WWE, or for Seth to become champion, which is much needed for his current standing in WWE.

Big Match: Drew Mcintyre vs Sheamus. Drew will retain his championship until Wrestlemania, and when he does, he’ll face his best friend Sheamus for the belt. WWE has been teasing at this match for months, and since Drew faces Goldberg at the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania is the next big pay per view for this match to take place. 

Big Match: Randy Orton vs Edge: Career threatening match. Edge and Randy Orton fought in a couple crazy matches at Wrestlemania 36 and Backlash. The only way to ramp up the heat and make this match feel even bigger is to make it a career threatening match, since Randy Orton tried to end Edges career with a punt kick at Backlash. Overall, this match should definitely be a highlight of the show.

Wrestlemania might be the live first show of 2021 with fans, so WWE needs to deliver, and they will, just like every year. Even if these predictions are not completely accurate, WWE always has some tricks up their sleeves to make sure that the pay per view is great.