Kyra Lipetzky
Kyra Lipetzky is a 17 year old senior currently at Urbana High School and part of the graduating class of 2020. She is a section leader in the Urbana High School Orchestra. She is always a sight to behold in the hallways as she is always outgoing, saying hi to friends or socializing with her peers making everyone’s day better in her own way. Kyra is known for her ability in music as well as in the classroom and is a symbol for other students to always strive to be the best that they can be and never compare themselves to others. 

While Kyra has never traveled abroad she finds enjoyment in foreign culture. She enjoys japanese cuisine such as tempura sushi with it's contrast of flavor and is a fan of Asian food all together. Germany peaks curiosity with its architecture and the history behind it in her life. She wants to to understand world history from their perspective to broaden her own horizons on life. She states that she has “been without cable tv since second grade” and with that she has found better ways to spend her time unlike most who would rather slump in front of the TV.

Kyra dreams of being a Novel writer along with her career, she is very creative and is always coming up with new and unique ideas for stories and music in her life. She is known to most as a good hearted and open person willing to help most of her friends with their problems. Without even realizing it at times she truly represents the core four of Urbana High making her someone all students to strive to be like.


Kyra Lipetzky

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Kyra Lipetzky