Nik Solfronk is an 18 year old comic artists whos family originated from Eastern Europe. He is goes to urbana high school and is in the final months of his senior year. Ever since Nik was a youngster he always wanted to leave a strong and lasting legacy for the world. Nik is doing this by creating a comic series about superheros. The comic series is in development as this article is being written. Nik takes the classic idea of superheros, and turns it on its head. Comics full of comical dialogue taken from his favorite movie, Hot Fuzz, the british action comedy, he likes it when movies and shows go above and beyond, and enjoys different kinds of movies, with humor. Nik wakes up and works on his comic, he is motivated and devoted to working to finishing his comic, and starting the long road to creating a lasting legacy. Niks main passion is to create a comic super hero story, thoughtful story, different than the average comic. He is also aiming to become an illustrator and/or graphic designer, which will help him in his voyage to creating a comic superhero universe.

Nik Solfronk

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Nik Solfronk