Outer banks season 3 review: How Season three was a failure SPOILER WARNING!!!

Henry Ortiz, Reporter

Outer Banks was released on Thursday 23 2023 and most people really liked it though some people thought it was not that good. Overall for the ratings it got a 7.0/10. 

Why people didn’t like Season three 

 Forbes released an article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2023/02/26/netflixs-outer-banks-season-3-is-not-good/?sh=2c132e3a4ad2  on the season with its top headline being Netfilxs ‘Outer Banks’ season 3 is not good. They go on to say “absolutely one of the worst aspects of the season was the resurrection of Big John B…he totally clashes with the vibe of the show in every way and he ends up splitting up John B and his friends for half the season.” It also mentions how the Camerons stopped a treasure quest for the millionth time. “It feels like the Outer Banks have no real plan going forward.” The article also states. 


Now I know you’re wondering “what did UHS students think about Outer Banks?” Most of the responses I got from doing interviews were pretty negative and criticizing the show. Nolan Waters, a senior , was very critical in his response as i asked him why do you not like Outer Banks he said “Acting was terrible and it prolonged the process and the important things were rushed and the not so important things were dragged out.” However, that is not the only thing that was controversial. He also dislikes Maydline clines Acting when i asked him why he said “ because her emotional response is delayed and her reactions seem fake and not real.” Nolan was widely critical of it and says it’s “for nine year olds’ ‘ and will not watch season 4. Whoever Nolan was not the only one that was critical about the season when i asked Corrine Capino what the director could have done differently she said “ Not put an 18 month jump from the end of season 10 to the credits scene so we can see what happened with Kies and JJ relationship also we never got to see Rafes reaction to his fathers death” she also dislikes Clines character that she plays, Madelyn Cline “she’s a cheater, and uses a excuse just because John B was not there,she goes after Topper and kisses him. She was obviously thinking about Topper and she acted on that thought.” It’s apparent that Medyline Cline is on the hot seat in this article. Is it getting hot in here or what?. Another character who was definitely on the Hot seat was Big John who pulls John B apart from his friends. When asked how do you feel about Big John’s character Senior Emma Blessing said “He drives a wedge between John B and his friends with him telling John B not to tell the group what they discover and eventually that leads to a fight with sarah.” Although Emma did have some good things to say about like “Lots of dramatic finishes especially episode 10, also there was a lot going on in each episode.” So even though there was a lot of criticism, people still did like the show.