Temperatures Jump from 6° to 60°: Photo of the Day 2/5/19

Hannah Wallace, Reporter

After the polar vortex of the last few weeks, the upcoming temperatures upwards of 50°F are welcomed with open arms. Last week, students began the new semester with barely three days of school and experienced icy conditions and frigid temperatures—as low as 2℉. Coming up, students will see warmer temperatures, melting ice, and likely a full week of school. With highs into the 60s, students can expect to need fewer layers and should be ready to break out their spring wardrobes. Students walking to and/or from school should remain careful of melting ice, mushy snow, and slippery mud.
“This weather feels nice but isn’t good for the environment,” says one student. “In other words, climate change is a real problem.”
Other students agree that this weather is “a nice break” and “better than the cold.” Although this sudden spring is nice, students say that they want “real winter” and more snow

Friday, Feb. 1, 2019 (Left) and Monday, Feb. 4 (Right)
Photographed by Hannah Wallace