Another Snow Day!: Photo of the Day 2/20/19


photo by Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace, Reporter

Due to inclement weather, Frederick County Public Schools have closed once again. FCPS has announced today as “Code Yellow,” meaning schools and offices are closed and activities are canceled or postponed. In past years, FCPS used all 5 snow days allotted into the school year and in some years, even more. This year, however, there were 8 days built into the school year in case of closing. So far, Frederick schools have used 6 of these 8 days. If the county does not use any more of these built-in days, the last day of school for students will be June 19, 2019. This may seem fairly late in the summer, however, students will not be returning to school until September 3. Despite the extension of the school year, having days off gives students and teachers a break from their daily routines and a chance to sleep in.

Students and teachers will likely return to schools tomorrow, as temperatures are expected to rise and turn snow to rain.