Mini-Thon Student vs. Teacher basketball game on the 15th


Alyssa Ferrante, Reporter

Come to support Mini-Thon at the student vs. teacher basketball game on the 15th of March at 7pm . Next week Mini-Thon will be holding a student vs. teacher basketball game in the UHS gymnasium. Admissions will be $2.00 for students and $5.00 for adults. A total of 13 students and 12 staff members will be playing against each other so come out and support your classmates!  

List of student athletes and positions:       List of teacher athletes:

Wesley Day- Team Coach                             Ms. Hashemzadeh- Team Coach

Joseph D’Angelo- Player                              Mr. Ayerdiz- Player

Jackson D’Angelo- Player                            Mr.frush- Player

Colin Sheehan- Player                                  Mr. Demich- Player

Graham King- Player                                    Mr. Shullenbarger- Player

Noah Buttrey- Player                                    Coach Jackson- Player

Mohammed Afzal- Player                            Mr. Blaser- Player

Tate Ladson- Player                                      Mr.Howard- Player

Ben Landon- Player                                      Ms. Hackett- Player

Carson Cooley- Player                                  Deputy Sidow- Player

Will Micol- Player                                         Mr. Ferrante- Player

Kayla Smith- Player                                      Mr. Cresta- Player

Rayona Samuels- Player                              Coach Spriggs- Player

Axel Seka- Player