Quote of The Day: 01.16.20


Summer Campbell, Reporter

As we get older, we discover things that we enjoy and that makes us happy. Once you find what makes us happy and what keeps you on your toes, don’t let go of it. The things that make you smile and help going through tough times a bit easier, will be the things that help you succeed. The things that make you want to continue your journey through life will be the things that help you figure out who you are in this massive world. They will help you find your purpose. Everyone has a different purpose in this world and for some people it is stressful to try to figure it out. By continuing to do something that makes life more interesting, it makes this process more exciting. As students you are exposed to countless things that can become your passion. When you find what you are passionate about, pursue it. Use your passion to get you through a final exam or the transition from high school to college. Your passion is yours and yours only. Learn from your passion. Grow from your passion. Follow your passion.