Quote of The Day: 01.22.20


Summer Campbell, Reporter

Growing up, we all dreamed about what we would want to do when are older. Whether it was to be a musician, a doctor, or a teacher, we’ve all dreamed about doing something that we found interesting. As our infant minds developed into young adolescents, we started thinking of realistic ways to accomplish our dreams. That may include taking advanced science classes or doing an internship under someone that inspires you. What is challenging is that while going through different steps to follow our dreams, we tend to be distracted. High schoolers are categorized as being in the stage of “middle adolescence,” which is ages 14 to 17. At this age, we are not able to coordinate complex decision making, impulse control, and being able to consider the possible outcomes and potential consequences. This idea can cause us to forget about what we are doing in the present to gain the future we want. Due to this, it is up to us to take some time every once in a while to reflect on where we are in our middle adolescent stage. When we reflect on our present, we need to ask ourselves if what we are doing currently will allow us to make our dreams a reality. If it isn’t it is up to you to change it. Your dream is yours only and only you can make it happen. So do what you need to do in order to make your future the future you are dreaming of.