Fostering a Dog in Quarantine: Photo of the Day 04/30/20


Olivia Rogers

This is Shelton. He is a two-year-old pitbull mix, described by his rescue as a “miniature horse.” He weighs eighty pounds but he thinks that he is much smaller than he actually is. Since we started fostering Shelton two weeks ago, we have discovered that he is just a goofball who loves to play. In fact, he just acts like a giant puppy. 


We decided to foster a dog after we saw that shelters around the country were closing and subsequently euthanizing their animals. Now that Shelton is in our care, he has two playmates and a family to care for him until the animal rescue finds him a permanent home. 


However, the closing of non-essential businesses and the stay-at-home orders have presented challenges to fostering. Shelton is a high energy dog who needs lots of exercise, but we are unable to take him to the dog park so walks have to suffice. Shelton has also not received any formal training, and since the trainer is closed, we are trying to teach him ourselves. 


Despite these challenges, we have enjoyed the addition of a new furry friend into the family, even if it is only temporary. He brings some much-needed cheerfulness to our lives while we are stuck at home.