Pacific Rim Review:

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Pacific Rim Review:

Karl Maier

If your eyes are not always glued to movies on the boob tube (TV), then Pacific Rim is the movie worth having them glued on.

Pacific Rim was extraordinary, brilliant yet simple, and most of all action-packed.

The movie is a simple concept about piloted robots, the Jaegers, fighting against sea aliens, the Kaijus. Normally, aliens come from outer space in ships from the future and have the technology and the capability to enslave us. Pacific Rim is unique and theorizes that aliens arrive by way of a wormhole from another dimension, which unlocks along the border of the Pacific plate and then rises from the ocean floor.

The uninviting and bland trailer led the actual viewing of Pacific Rim to shock audiences from all over the world. Although critics gave it 7.6 out of 10 on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), viewers rated it 10 out of 10 on the same database. Director Guillermo Del Toro generates action-packed fighting scenes that bring your imagination to life by sound and visuals- like when the Kaijus are loose in Tokyo and the Jaegers are sent out to destroy them.

Pacific Rim is elegant in design. Del Toro makes the audience feel as if they are involved in the post-apocalyptic battle. Every scene filled with intensity and complexity has audiences clenching onto chairs for more.

Charlie Hunnam, the main actor from Newcastle, United Kingdom, is a top reason why spectators from all over the world love this movie. Charlie Hunnam’s voice-over establishes the reality of a future in which Earth feels like it’s actually been through an apocalypse. Hunnam is full of surprises and really made the movie come to life.

The movie was such a surprise that The Washington Post decided to put into one of their articles for the 8 Lessons from Summer Movies.

Pacific Rim will be the must see Redbox movie of the month. Prepare your cheek muscles, because you’ll be smiling throughout.