The Horror Movie with a Plot

The Concept of Stephen King’s It


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Alice Ramos, Entertainment Editor, Photographer

In the perfect combination of comedy and horror, director Andrés Muschietti recreates Stephen King’s classic novel It, making a whopping $123.4 million on its first weekend out. The movie follows a group of children who are being stalked and tormented by a clown named Pennywise. The killer clown lives in the sewage system and comes out every 27 years to prey on the children, acquiring them by using their fear against them. The group, led by Bill (whose brother, Georgie, was taken by the clown), becomes friends -almost forcibly- by being the outcasts of the school. They are not only being tormented by Pennywise, but the school bully is also out to get them. The story is set in a small suburb, where the pattern of disappearances increases, but all the townspeople are too scared to face it. The children decide to settle the matter once and for all.

Although the novel and movie adaptation are not based on a true story, the concept and idea behind it have some viewers believing the story is a little more than just fiction. Many believe that It is based on the devil of the Christian religion. The devil is said to feed off human fear and use such to his advantage. He will make deals with people using the fear, “taking it away”, and recieving their souls in return. This is, in a sense, what the clown does with the children. He transforms into their fears, amplifying the kids’ panic. This allows him to feed on them, which leaves their bodies limp. The soul is said to be the life in a body. If this life is taken away, the body is all that remains. (To read the rest pick up a Hawkeye at the newsstands located at the media center and main office.)