12 Dates to go on This Holiday Season

Alice Ramos, Entertainment Editor

If you like the cold:
If you’re athletic and can appreciate the cold, take your date up to the mountains for an adventure. Not only is it great exercise, but you can have fun racing with your date to the bottom of the mountain. Once your fingers and feet get too cold to keep going, you can get a hot cup of cocoa and cuddle by a fire.
This date takes a bit less endurance than skiing, but is still a fun outdoor activity. Like skiing, you can race down the hill and give a prize to the person who wins. If you don’t own a sled, no worries! Grab an oversized trash bag and
you’ll be flying down the hill even faster.
Snowball Fight
We all remember the times when we were young and the whole neighborhood joined into the snowball fights. Recreate this memory with your favorite person and see who calls quits first. You can even call your friends to join the fun!

If you have a sweet tooth:
If you have a fire pit outside, making s’mores and looking up at the stars with your date will make you feel like you’re camping. However, if the weather isn’t being cooperative, you can make them over a stove as well. Roast the marshmallows inside and enjoy the delicious dessert with your loved one on the warm couch under the covers.
Baking Cookies
Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peppermint patties, and cinnamon cookies are just some options off of the endless list of sweets you and your partner can make. Even though you have to get the measurements and time correct, the decorating part is a whole other story. You can make intricate snowflakes or ridiculous- looking snowmen. Whatever you choose to make you both will have some laughs while baking together. And once again, the eating is the best part!

(To get more date ideas, pick up a Hawkeye near the main office or the library!)