The Ultimate Spring 2019 Style Guide


This just in: It’s officially time to ditch those basic black leggings and Ugg boots you’ve been wearing for years. Styles are constantly changing, so The Hawkeye Staff is here to give you the low down on the latest trends coming straight from the runways and top designers in 2019.


For Her

1. Plastic clothing

Clothes that actually conceal our bodies are way too practical these days. What you need is a cute plastic skirt and even a shirt to go with! Just be sure to wear undergarments…

2. Leggings under shorts

Jojo Siwa is our new fashion icon for 2019!

3. Bell-bottoms

Popular in the 70s? Popular in 2019? Oh yes, these wonderful pieces of art are making their way back into our lives and changing our styles up.

4. Super low-rise jeans

High rise jeans? So last year. Let’s bring back this cute style and mix things up.

5. Crimped hair

Curling your hair is so basic now. Crimping your hair is totally tubular for any occasion! Just take it from Gigi Hadid.

6. Elbow-length gloves

No more long sleeved shirts! People are starting to bring back the elbow length gloves with short sleeves to make their outfit more mature.

7. Ruffled skirts

C’mon! Everyone loved those skirts we wore in elementary school, they are super cute and girly. Perfect to wear when you crimp your hair!

8. Juicy Couture tracksuits

Juicy Couture is back, ladies! Go get their clothes before they are all gone! Sales are through the roof!

9. Jellies

So comfortable and easy to slip on and off… also easy to clean and adorable.

10. Khaki and denim capris

Not quite warm enough to wear just shorts but you’re out of leggings? These pants will keep you room temperature at all times.


For Him

1. ¾ length khakis

Casual, comfortable, clean… perfect for going anywhere.

2. Goatees

We are shooting for the Guy Fieri look! So cute.

3. Finger shoes

Just like wearing protective socks!

4. Suspenders

Add a pop of color to complete your look and, as a bonus, they keep your pants up!

5. Drop crotch pants

Be comfortable when exercising… or sitting at home watching Netflix.

6. Male rompers

It’s 2019, guys. We’re breaking gender roles one RompHim at a time.

7. Neon camouflage

Get in touch with your feminine side. Wear different colors and patterns.

8. Victorian era bathing suits

Not quite comfortable in a normal male bathing suit? This one has you covered… literally.

9. The handlebar mustache

Guys, we’re tired of the basic facial hair. Why don’t we spice it up a bit and add an extra flare?

10. Big fur coats

Snuggly, warm, and animal friendly!


For Everyone

1. Silly bands

Remember these bad boys? Entertaining and colorful, these little bracelets make us long for our childhood days. Pull out your old stash from summer camp and let’s trade!

2. Heelys

If you weren’t cool enough to have these in elementary school, now’s your chance to show off your rebel side. Fun to roll around in and stylish!

3. Shoulder pads

Show them who’s boss with the extra addition to make yourself look more collected and in charge!

4. JNCO jeans

Billie Eilish? Don’t know her…

5. Shutter shades

Kanye really helped us out on this one! Everyone knows these are the best way to show people you know how to party.