Winter Fun!

Some outdoor activities to do this winter.

Madison Moran

This winter students may be trapped in their homes with nothing to do. We have already had some snow, we may be expecting more but what should you do? There are lots of activities to do indoor and outdoor during snow times or bad weather. Some activities you can do with your friends and family outdoors is:

  1. You could go sledding, “Last week when we got snow, me and my friends found a big hill and all of us went sledding. It was so much fun and a great time, Presley Musser. Sledding is a great way to have fun in the snow with your friends or family! Even though in the area we are in there may not be a lot of space or the best of hills you can go to the Urbana district park there are tons of hills there and plenty of space to sled. All you need is a sled of any kind or type and warm clothes and you will definitely have a fun time.
    1. You could also go skiing or snowboarding whichever you prefer , it is a fun activity. Of course you need to go somewhere to go but there are a few resorts near us to go to. The best part is if you do not have your own skis or board you can rent them! Some places near us to go skiing or snowboarding  are;
    • Liberty Mountain Resort,they are located in Fairfield, PA it is less than an hour away. Their website is: At Liberty there are 16 trails with 100 acres of skiable land. It is a great place to learn and take family or friends. There are easier trails for younger people or beginners as well as harder trails for those more experienced, there are symbols and signs to let you know which trail is which at the resort. It is a perfect day trip with either your friends or family, it is close so you would not have to get a hotel and it is great exercise as well as a fun experience. 
    • Wisp Resort, they are located in McHenry, MD it is a little over 2 hours away so it is a little farther however it is another good resort. Their website is: . You could make it a day trip or even stay the night in a hotel. The resort has 17 trails with a few terrain parks for those who are experienced. The mountain is a great place to go with the family for a little trip or even your friends. It is a little farther away however they have lots of snow and they are consistently blowing right now. 

    WhiteTail Resort, they are located in Mercersburg, PA less than an hour away. Their website is . They have 24 trails at whitetail however at this moment there are only 7 open. The mountain is large and has lots of trails of all different experience levels. It is a great place for friends and or families. This mountain would be best to go to a little later in the year when it gets colder and they start blowing more snow so you can use all 24 trails.

  2. You could also go snow tubing, any of the resorts listed is a great place. If you do not think you have the balance to ski or snowboard tubing is a great fun alternative. Tubing is just a giant tube that you use at any ski or snowboarding resort and they have special trails just to tube down. It is great for young or even older family members as well as those who are not experienced at skiing and or snowboarding.