Annika Rosencrantz, Reporter

Neesha Patel, a senior at Urbana High School, can be described as a lively and friendly person by both her friends and family. Academically, her achievements consist of being enrolled in several AP courses throughout her highschool experience. Neesha is also currently a part of 4 honor societies, taking part in community service along with volunteering at the Urbana Regional Library. 

Her hard work ethic and emotional maturity is what makes her stand out from her peers. With the future goal of becoming a cardiac surgeon and a present figure in her community she works hard balancing all of her responsibilities. 

When Neesha isn’t volunteering at the Urbana Regional Library she can be found tutoring adolescents ages 4 – 17. They (Neesha and her student) work together to improve their skills in math and English at the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Urbana. 

When asked about how tutoring has affected her own life she expressed how “It made me more aware of how adolescents function and how everyone prefers a different method of learning.”. She also added on to that and said “This ties back to how I apply this logic with my friends and how not everyone reacts the same to different situations. As a result I tend to change my personality with different people in order to get along with everyone the best I can.”. 

In the meantime Neesha will continue her hard work in helping out her community and progressing her way into her future.