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The Emotional Voyage: A Cinematic Guide Through Urbana’s Feelings


     The stars twinkled with an intensity that did not fail to echo the depth of Jaime Sullivan’s feelings for Landon Carter…

     Despite her deteriorating health, her affection for him continued to blossom. This heartfelt film offers a poignant conclusion, making it perfect for a day filled with tender romance and emotional resonance, or better known as a sad romance movie perfect for a sappy romance day. 

     That movie is A Walk to Remember, a forever and always favorite movie of mine, especially on days I feel sad, lonely, and heartbroken.

     But on days I feel like watching a lighthearted childhood comedy, I’ll watch Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas!, as it never fails to make me laugh. 

     On days I want something emotional yet musical so I can sing along, I’ll watch The Greatest Showman, an all time favorite at my household for my family movie nights.

     If you couldn’t tell by now, I love movies. I have a movie for every emotion that I may be feeling at any moment in time. But I would not have been able to make that list without first watching MANY movies, in which people suggested probably around half. 

     There are movies for every genre, every emotion, every feeling, every thought, and every moment, which is what makes the cinematic world a beautiful place.

     Ever sat down at 3:00 pm to watch some TV and then get up and realize it’s 8:00 pm? You realized that you spent the last 5 hours of your day watching a tv show or binging a movie series. It’s common to do so, as a study performed in 2020 showed that “60 percent of respondents aged between 13 and 17 years old frequently binge-watched TV shows or films in a series in one sitting” which is insane but as a teenager I understand because I do the same thing.

     The cinematic world is important in the real world as it reaches the places we can only dream to reach. Ever wanted to go to Neverland? That is obviously not going to happen in real life but in cinematic life, Neverland is just one of the hundreds of places you can “travel to.” That is the beauty of television.  

    Ana Johnson, 12th

Another beauty of the cinematic world is that there are endless amounts of movies, suited for any emotion and every person’s mood.

Feeling a pick-me-up? 

Senior, Ana Johnson, recommends Encanto, a very “emotional” movie, as she states. 

This is Ana’s favorite movie as she can “relate to how Mirabel wants to find her own identity.” 

She rates this movie a 5/5 as it made her cry happy tears, which is rare for her.

       Anusha Pahar, 11

Feeling sappy and need a romantic movie that ventures through a rollercoaster of emotions? 

Junior, Anusha Pahar, recommends 10 Things I Hate About You, which is also one of my favorite sappy movies. 

Anusha mentions how she would love to experience watching this movie for the first time again for it was “the modern version of a Shakespeare play and what’s better than that?” in her opinion. 

She gives it a 5/5 for that reason too.

     Abby Barnhurst, 9th

Feeling adventurous and want to experience heavy action? 

Freshman, Abby Barnhurst recommends The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is also just another fantastic action movie. 

This movie “introduces plot twists and keeps you on the edge of your seat,” which she loved about it, as she loves suspense. 

She would give this movie a 4.5/5 due to some acting that could have been done better but overall, “it is a great movie.”

Feeling musical? Want to sing along to a movie and maybe even dance?

    Ayden Savage, 10th

Enjoy Taylor Swift’s music? 

Sophomore, Ayden Savage recommends Pitch Perfect

Ayden loves how entertaining this movie is as “they’re just so funny together and it’s cool how they all have a little niche thing about them. Like it just keeps you entertained the whole time with the humor and plot working together so well.”

He gives this movie a 5/5 as it has drama, humor, a good plot, romance, action, and of course, Taylor Swift. 

          Jaden Lu, 12th

Feeling dramatic with a hint of romance and a rewarding message at the end? 

Senior, Jaden Lu recommends Flying Colors. Before watching this movie, he knew he would be able to relate to it somehow; during the movie he realized that he resonated with the character she was struggling with school growing up and so did he; after watching the movie he felt super inspired to reach his goals. 

   Brandon Bosaz, 12th

He gives this movie a 5/5 “for its ability to demonstrate change with time while providing an inspiring message to those who watch it.”

Feeling a little historically dramatic? 

Senior, Brandon Bosaz recommends Avalon, a movie that “portrays American culture and lifestyle at different periods throughout the 20th century.” 

He gives this movie a 5/5 as it resonates with “the immigrant Italian half of my family’s experience” and because he had never seen Baltimore look so good in a movie before. Poignant is the word he would use to describe this movie.    

Estefany Santos, 12th

Feeling funny but need some romance?

Senior, Estefany Santos, recommends the movie Someone Great, a very funny romantic-comedy.

She likes this movie because “it shows how things can end and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

She rates it “a 4/5 because a lot of people can relate to it.”

           Aurora Kling, 11th

Feeling some Peter Parker, but animated?

Junior, Aurora Kling recommends, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse an action, animation, superhero movie.

This is “easily one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen.”

She rates it a 4/5 for she “loved the premise of the movie and the animation style added a fun and engaging aspect for viewers.”

  Saira Mahajan, 11th

Feeling some Bollywood?

Junior, Saira Mahajan recommends Dunki, a Bollywood drama and romance movie.

She likes it because “it was a movie about immigration to the UK from India and there were lots of hardships which the characters had to overcome. I also like the main actor Shah Rukh Khan which made the movie more enjoyable for me.”

She gave this movie a 3.5/5 due to the over extension of some scenes. “Overall it is a good movie and I’d watch it again.”

   Alyssa Tyler, 12th

Feeling royal? Feeling majestic? Feeling nostalgic?

Senior, Alyssa Tyler recommends The Princess Bride, a comedic and adventurous movie.

She likes it because “I grew up watching it, so it is a big part of my childhood. I think it is such a funny and quotable movie, I love the mix of comedy, action and romance.”

She gives this movie a 5/5 as it is a timeless movie for her. 

     What a journey we encountered…

     as we walked through the cinematic minds of Urbana’s teens, right? So many movies, so many emotions, yet still so hard to pick one. That’s why this guide was designed, for the teenagers of today’s world, so that they have a movie for every occasion! 

     Enjoy this guide, and don’t forget, there will always and forever be a movie out there waiting to be watched by you and your emotions. Let them guide you as you venture through the cinematic world!

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