Featured Clubs: Cool 2 Be Kind, Global Dominators and Fishing Club

  Urbana High school is home to a plethora of diverse clubs. Ranging from board games to sign language, there is really something for everyone.

Cool 2 Be Kind is a club run by math teacher Jessica Mills that focuses on raising awareness of bullying both outside and inside the school. The club members are currently organizing ideas for anti-bullying week which runs from November 16th through the 22nd. The week hopes to bring the terrors of bullying to light, showing how it can affect all aspects of a person’s life, socially and personally.

Junior Parker Mellot said,

“I’ve witnessed bullying and wasn’t comfortable with watching it happen so I had to do something to stop it; that’s why I joined this club so I could raise awareness and stop bullying.”

— Parker Mellot

 If you want to raise awareness for bullying or help a friend out that gets bullied you should join this club.

Global Dominators, founded by science teacher Chris Shullenbarger, is a club dedicated to strategy-based board games. Walking into the club, you will find groups of students playing games such as Risk, Settlers of Catan, Diplomacy, and many more. The rules are flexible, the playing field is fantasy, but the fun is real. It is currently one of, if not the biggest club in Urbana and has a slot in blocks 1-3, most of which are over capacity. Shullenbarger is going to be buying more games with the $5 that the club members donated, expanding the club even more with more options for games. If you like playing board games and dominating your friends, this club is for you.

Fishing club, founded by science teacher Mike Piavis is an extremely popular club for the students. This club has been in Urbana for a few years and is often one of the largest clubs. In this club the first couple of meetings you study fish and discuss possible field trips, stories, and good fishing spots. You also go on a field trip to the aquarium and sometimes the class goes on a fishing trip. If you really enjoy fishing and want to find more about fishing, then this club is definitely for you.