New Female Empowerment Club: Lady Hawks

Kiki Mueller

The Lady Hawks are one of the most exciting new clubs that have come along this school year. The club is based on women empowerment which is shown through professionalism and the charity called “Advocates for Homeless Families.”

Teachers, Rebecca Horowitz and Susan Levin sponsor this club.

Levin said. “[I wanted the club to] look at things that affect young women at this stage in their life.”

Levin discussed her idea with a variety of girls throughout the school. She told the girls that anyone who was interested should attend several meetings over the summer. Based on the individual’s level of dedication, she narrowed the number of leaders to seniors, Murielle Sokhon, Maddie Burgee, Gaelin Hirabayashi, Katie Garza, Taylor Robertshaw, and Hannah Mills.

The majority of leaders said their main source of motivation was Levin.

“The response has been overwhelming,” said Levin. This being said, the majority of the club so far has been the preparation and discussion of what steps will be taken in order for this club to thrive.

Burgee said, “It’s not just the committee members who are making all the decisions, it’s all the girls in the club, and they have a voice too.”

Hirabayashi said that she enjoys the fact that everyone within the group is very accepting of each other [and it is a] very open environment for everyone who wants to contribute.”

Sokhon said, “I just thought it was a really great idea. It would make a difference so I really wanted to be a part of it.

There will be several positive outcomes as a result of this club. These benefits span from community service to individual growth.

This club will emphasize “[a women’s] cry that we want to be recognized as women of the society. [We want] to have the respect that we deserve and to not be looked down upon,” said Garza.

“[The charity] Advocates for Homeless Families, takes families, puts them in housing and helps them…better themselves,” said Horowitz. The Lady Hawks Club will be helping this charity through acts of kindness including, babysitting, events such as the upcoming Halloween party, and other upcoming plans that have not yet been verified.

“Instead of paying for babysitters we babysit for them,” Burgee said.

Hirabayashi said the Halloween party will “give [the kids] something special and unique so that they know we are there for them.”

Horowitz said the club should result in “a positive rapport among the females [at] the school which I hope will expand to how everybody talks to people out in the world and the community around themselves.”

The club is selling t-shirts, designed by Katie Garza, in order to promote the meaning behind the group. A poster was also created to further emphasize their purpose.

“I really hope that we can start selling [the shirts] to the rest of the school. It is “a great way to get the message across.”  Horowitz said.

Sokhon said the purpose of the poster was to “sign [it] saying I vow to” be a better women.

“I hope a lot of girls sign [the poster]. It is a simple thing to do and sends a strong message that women are powerful,” said Mills.

Furthermore, she would “like to see [the girls] all come together, even if they are not in the club, to have a feeling of inclusion, of being a Hawk.” said Levin.

When asked about what was expected of the club, Garza said it was “bigger than what I expected it to be, that’s what I think is so good about the club. We have so many girls and we can do so much.”

“I think this is going to be something really special,” said Levin.