Ayerdiz and His Music

Tyler Nolan

Hector Ayerdiz
Spanish and Music teacher Hector Ayerdiz is very special both inside and outside of the classroom.  Stop and think, how many teachers can play the piano, guitar, bass, and speak fluent Spanish? Well if you are a student of Mr.Ayerdiz you can say you have a teacher that can do all these things.

Ayerdiz was introduced to music at the age of ten when a teacher came into his class and demonstrated the violin. “Ever since then I wanted to learn how to play the violin,” said Ayerdiz. Motivation was not lacking in this little musician’s heart.

Ayerdiz said, “As a child I did not have much going for me. Coming from a Third World country stricken by war, I did not know the language and had great difficulty in school. I would have to work hard to just to keep up. The hard work paid off. There were ups and downs but I realized talent is nowhere near as important as work ethic and determination.”

Ayerdiz plays both the guitar and the bass. Many people don’t know the difference between these two instruments, but Ayerdiz said, “My favorite difference between the two instruments are the roles that they each have in an ensemble. You have to change mindset for each instrument.”

Ayerdiz also is the leader of The Inner Loop, a Jazz band that performs along the East Coast. “We’ve gone as far north as New York City and as far south as Fredericksburg, Virginia,” said Ayerdiz. His band performs about once a month and Ayerdiz is no stranger to performing live. In college he played in many ensembles. He has had the privilege of performing for many different artists as a bassist.

Not everything went smoothly for Ayerdiz. Like every human he had road bumps. The last time he taught music was seven years ago. He had thought he had lost his opportunity to share his musical passion, but that all changed this school year. Ayerdiz is teaching Piano, Guitar, and String Orchestra first semester.

“My motivation was the need to be able to achieve my dreams.” said Ayerdiz.

Music is a major factor in many lives today. Ayerdiz says music taught him discipline and perseverance which helps him move forward with great music in his life.

“I cannot imagine life without music; it is a source of expression that the performer as well as the listener can enjoy,” said Ayerdiz.

iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Amazon Play are all places where he has music you can listen to. Ayerdiz is interested in composing and recording music in the future. He also is working on an album that is set to release early in 2017.