Respect the Nest

Custodian Haupt Knows a Thing or Two about Respect at UHS


Alice Ramos, Entertainment Editor, Photographer

Keeping the halls of UHS clean is not easy task, but everyday the custodial staff does their best to make our school the pride of the county. Custodian Randy Haupt believes that showing respect is as simple as picking up litter on the ground or taking care of our shared places. 

Haupt first stepped foot in Urbana 21 years ago as a new janitor, when the school was only two months old. As the years have gone by, he has seen countless students grow up and some, like Ms. Hackett, even come back from college to join the staff with him. This passing of years, in his words, “makes you feel old.” He likes the kids here and said Urbana is a good school.

When asked how respect could be improved in the school, all he could say was that he hopes that the kids who were tearing down the soap dispensers and other “more graphic things” in the boys’ bathroom have matured. Other than that small incident, Haupt says that the kids don’t really cause much trouble.

Having worked hard all these years, keeping the school clean and students in a shiny environment, Randy looks forward to retirement and moving to Myrtle Beach. His advice to students is to “make the best of school while you’re in here.” Randy himself attended Montgomery College and University of Maryland to study business.

Urbana should learn from someone who has so much respect for the building, the students, and the staff. Spread the respect, Hawks!