Neglected Thoughts on Thanksgiving


Rafay Khan, co-president of the Muslim Student Association, poses with some cans in front of one of the collection boxes.

Naomi Cuzmar, Music Editor, The Page Editor

 A much favored holiday is around the corner. Thanksgiving is the timetables are filled with everyone’s favorite home-cooked meals and sweet desserts. What is not thought of, are the one in eight Americans who will not have their tables covered with food. About 16 million households in America are food insecure. The U.S Department of Agriculture describes food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.

 One in four African-American children doesn’t know when their next meal will be. African-American households rate more than twice of White, non-Hispanic households that face hunger. One in four Hispanic children faces hunger. One in five Hispanic households are food insecure. Thirteen percent of White, non-Hispanic children suffer from food deprivation.

  Each year, the U.S wastes more than 165 million dollars in food. This is not a one-step issue. The source of this issue goes past the table and to the farm. Each year farmers grow more crops than necessary. This causes many to go unpicked and wasted.

 People have high standards for deciding what food is to be eaten. As for the ones that are actually picked to be bought, once in the house, people waste forty percent of the food which goes uneaten.

 To help those in this unfortunate situation, the Muslim Student Association club (MSA) is organizing a food drive to collect as much food as possible for those who cannot provide for themselves. A food drive is a form…(To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of The Hawkeye from the newsstand near the front office or the media center)