10 Non-Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


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Hannah, Wallace

Valentine’s Day is about love and showing people that you care, but that love is often represented as romance. Even if you are single or are just not spending Valentine’s Day with your significant other, you can still show how much you care about other people. Whether it’s your family, your friends, or even yourself, there are so many non-romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day to show your love.


#1 Cooking

The best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. By cooking the favorite meal of someone that you care about, they can get a true taste of how much they mean to you.


#2 Baking

Similar to cooking, baking with or for someone is a great way to show how much you care. Not only does baking produce delicious sweet treats, it’s fun and creative (not to mention uncooked cookie dough might be even better than the final product). Disclaimer: Don’t eat raw eggs! There are plenty of cookie doughs made for safe pre-cooked eating.

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#3 Date Night

You don’t have to be in a couple to go out on a date. Going out to dinner with a friend, sibling, or parent is a great way to connect and spend time with someone you love.

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#4 Friendship Bracelets

Just like when you were little, you can still make friendship bracelets as a symbol of your connection to someone. Every knot represents how much you care.

Heart Friendship Bracelets >>> DIY Heart Friendship Bracelets – YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfjfikSEVM8


#5 Spa Day

Treating someone to a spa day, whether it’s do it yourself or at a professional spa, face masks, massages, and mani-pedis are a perfect way to treat yourself or pamper someone you care about.


#6 DIY Gifts

Gifts don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Simple and homemade gifts can be just as if not more meaningful than store bought ones.

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#7 Be a Tour Guide

Just a 45-minute drive away (or less) is Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Sugarloaf Mt. In Baltimore and DC, there are museums, zoos, and aquariums that you can explore and lead your “date” around. Many of the museums are free to enter and sharing something that you enjoy with someone you care about.


#8 Ice Cream and a Movie

Even though it’s February, it’s never too cold for ice cream. With ice cream so close to the movie theater, an easy and adorable activity has never been more convenient.


#9 Share Music

A person’s taste in music can reveal his/her true self. Sitting down and swapping favorite songs is an easy way to spend time with someone and learn more about each other.


#10 Have a “Me Day”

Show some self-love and take a day for yourself. There are so many things that you can do even if you are single on Valentine’s Day.

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Romance is not the only kind of love. It is important to remember that, especially on Valentine’s Day. Spending time with your friends, family, or even just yourself is just as, in some cases more, important as with a romantic partner. Remember, you do not have to spend Valentine’s Day sad and alone. There are many kinds of love and it is important to celebrate that love in all its forms.