Urbana’s Cultural Immersion Project


Alyssa Ferrante, Reporter

Students from Japan are coming to UHS after our brief spring break and will be staying for the remainder of the year. There will be 15 students, eight boys and seven girls, arriving on the 22nd of April and will attend school on the 23rd. Each grade will have at least three exchange students joining them.  UHS’s mission is to expand the culture of the school and bring awareness to the multitude of cultural backgrounds within the school. Each year from now on, exchange students from around the world will be brought to UHS to share their culture and learn about our culture as well.


The exchange students will be staying together in the Urbana Green apartments for the remainder of the year. They will be taking classes that will help them learn about the English language and U.S history.  Their schedules are mostly ELA classes and history classes, but they will be in some arts classes as well.


Sophomore John Shapiro said,  “I’m excited to meet all the new students coming to our school!” and can not wait for them to arrive. Once they arrive and settle in, they will be coming to Urbana for a tour of the school. As of right now, the administration is looking for student volunteers to show the new students around campus.  Please see your administrator if you would like to volunteer. If you are chosen as a guide, you will be taken out of your second block class and will be given NHS hours for however long it takes. Their arrival is right around the corner, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to help with our exchange students.