How to Study Effectively: Photo of the Day 10/25/19


Katie Strawbridge, Reporter

Last Thursday night, C2 Education had a seminar at the Urbana Library focusing on proper studying skills for students in middle and high school. They were taught that time and scheduling play a very important role in studying, and that becoming an exceptional student in school can lead to success in individual life. Many main points on how exactly to study the right way were also discussed. Students were advised to stay organized, know the expectations of the class, and practice active listening while in class by taking notes. Another key idea was for developing a study plan which would be specialized and meet the needs of the individual student. But perhaps the most important advice was for students to stay in a healthy mindset, by thinking positively and looking into the future. It was also mentioned that the Urbana Library is peaceful and quiet, making it an ideal environment for studying effectively and without distractions.