Christmas Traditions: Joyeux Noël!

Summer Campbell, Reporter

Christmas is not only celebrated in the United States, but all over the world too. As the excitement and anticipation for the holiday rises, different traditions in the world begin. In France, Christmas is titled Noël. This stems from the phrase les bonnes nouvelles meaning “the good news.” Santa Claus is known as Père Noël, or Father Christmas. Children in France send letters to Father Christmas. Since 1962 it is a law for any letter sent to him will be responded in the form of a postcard. Similar to hanging stockings, children leave their shoes by the fireplace, hoping they get filled with gifts. This takes place on Saint Nicolas Day which is December 6. The Christmas dinner, called Réveillon may consist of oysters, roast turkey or goose, foie gras, lobster, and more. After the dinner, there are 13 desserts which symbolize Christ and the 12 apostles at the Last Supper. Christmas in France may be different from the United States, but the joy and excitement is the same.