How to stay sane during quarantine

How to stay sane during quarantine

Zachary Muragaki

These past few weeks sure have been interesting for the citizens of Frederick County. Scratch that it has been interesting for the entire world. Most people have been locked inside their homes with nowhere to go. From what I’ve seen there are plenty of people trying to keep busy in order to prevent the stress and isolation from getting to them. But Unfortunately they’re unable to figure out a healthy way to do with. As someone who has spent most of his high school career indoors I have compiled a few tips to help people find healthy ways to fill their time.

1. Read a Book

It doesn’t matter what kind. Whether it is a comic book, graphic novel, or literary masterpiece find something you enjoy that keeps your attention. Most will tell you that reading a comic book is a waste of time well I’m here to say otherwise. Within our modern pop culture comic books are a huge part of our lives whether you like it or not. If you have watched any of the Marvel or DC movies you can’t deny it. Even more so if you watch shows like The Walking Dead! On the other hand people say they don’t have time to read a book and wpould rather browse in internet for fun. While that is good and all I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find a book or even book series that you can’t seem to put down.

2. Take up a productive hobby

Examples of these are, Cooking, sewing, drawing, playing an instrument, writing, photography, or even meditation. Each of these can either help better you as a person or give you skills to help you advance in life when this is all over

3. Stay connected with real PEOPLE

Make sure you call relatives, close, friends, or even not so close friends. It’s always good to have solid human interaction and make sure you hear someone you care about voice even if it’s just to make sure they’re doing alright. My family makes it a point to call both grandparents every once and a while to make sure that their doing okay and staying healthy.

4. If you’re stuck with someone, spend time with them!

Now maybe we don’t all have the close knit family relationship that’s seen in movies. But this quarantine is the perfect chance to change that. Especially seniors! This is precious time to spend with your family before you leave for college or wherever you’re going. Be sure not to waste it.

That is the end of my advice. Listen, being in quarantine doesn’t have to be a total curse. As long as we spend our time correctly it’ll be easy to find silver lining in all of this and we will come out of this better in the end.

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