The Potential Future of Movies: Photo of the Day 4/30/20


The current iTunes layout for purchasing and renting movies.

Nik Solfronk

The tagline seen for Dreamworks’ Trolls World Tour is to “Bring the theater to you.” Movie Theaters, obviously, are closed at the moment, but the question on moviegoers minds is if they’ll ever open back up. With the quarantine affecting everybody, and whether through putting the films on streaming services or having people rent the films, Hollywood production companies have been searching for alternative ways to bring their films to the masses.

Trolls World Tour, for some reason, has become a controversial film, not to audiences, but to major theater chains. Since the latest Trolls installment couldn’t be released in theaters, Universal has decided to premiere it on digital, with a $19.99 Rental Fee, and the film has been considered to be a massive success. Because of this, AMC Theaters, one of the biggest theater chains out there, has decided that they will no longer play Universal films once theaters open back up. Truth be told, this may not be the smartest idea, as AMC Theaters would lose a fairly massive stream of revenue, missing out on massive franchises such as the Jurassic World franchise and The Fast and Furious franchise.

Like it or not, movie theaters have been taking a fairly severe hit from this quarantine, and people could lose a pretty large source of entertainment. Will movie theaters begin to die off due to the quarantine, or will everything return back to normal?