Ways to Celebrate Graduating!

Kyra Lipetzky, Reporter

Although the end of this year is already one to remember, there’s no reason for us seniors to forgo a celebration. Many have begun the trend of creating or receiving a senior box, full of goodies and fun decorations, simply dropping one off on a friend’s doorstep to be found within proper social distancing parameters. I myself held a safe picnic with my friends, each of us bringing our own blanket to sit on and something to share with the group. Even a simple balloon, thoughtful card, or even a short phone call can help make someone feel special and accomplished. We’ve come so far and should be proud!

Be sure to keep watch of information from schools and communities, many have been finding one way or another to appreciate your hard work throughout high school. From May 20th, 2020 Mt. Airy Messenger newspaper,

“Mount Airy wants to celebrate its town’s graduates!

May 29th, 2020

10am – 12pm Celebrating Frederick Graduates

2pm – 5 pm Celebrating Carroll Graduates

Here is how you can participate! ALL seniors and families are invited to stand at a social distance along the motorcade route. Choose a spot allowing others to gather along the route. Seniors are invited to wear cap and gown. If you would like Mayor Pat to read your name as the motorcade passes by, please have a sign with your name/school that can be read from afar.

Congratulations Class 2020: The best you’ve ever SEEN!

Motorcade Route – Times are approximate. Follow us LIVE on Town’s Facebook page and Google Maps for specific location.

MOTORCADE ROUTE: 10:20am – Arrive at the 4-way intersection of Leafy Hollow Circle & Deer Hollow Drive. Turn left onto Deer Hollow Drive. 10:45am – Arrive at the intersection of Deer Hollow Drive & Rising Ridge Road. Turn left onto Rising Ridge Road. 11:00am – Arrive at the intersection of Rising Ridge Drive & Village Gate Drive. Turn left onto Village Gate Drive. 11:20am – Arrive at the entrance of West Road from Prospect Road and turn left onto Prospect Road. 11:45am – Arrive at the entrance of East Road from Prospect Road. At the first intersection, turn left onto Contour Road. Follow Contour Road to Est Road and turn right onto East Road. Turn left onto Prospect Road towards Main Street. Turn left onto N Main Street. 12:15pm – Arrive at Mt. Airy Elementary School. 2:00pm – Enter Summit Ridge and turn right onto Scotch Heather Avenue. Proceed down Scotch Heather to Summer Sweet Lane and turn left. 2:15pm – Arrive at the intersection of Summer Sweet Land and Buffalo Road. Turn right onto Buffalo Road. Turn right onto Old Vintage Run. Turn right onto Fieldbrook Lane. 2:20pm – Arrive at the intersection of Fieldbrook Lane and Saddleback Trail. Turn left onto Saddleback Trail. Turn right onto Sterling Glen Way. Turn left onto Candice Drive. Turn right onto N. Main Street. Turn left onto W. Watersville Road. 3:00pm – Arrive at the second entrance to Nottingham at Arrowwood Circle. Proceed to the intersection of Arrowwood Circle and Crossbow Road. Turn left onto Crossbow Road. 3:15pm – Arrive at the intersection of Crossbow Road and Kingsbridge Terrace. Turn left onto Kingsbridge Terrace. Turn right onto Locksley Lane. 3:30pm – Turn right onto Kings Forest Trail. 3:45pm – Arrive at the intersection of Kings Forest Trail and Gallant Night Lane. Turn left onto Gallant Night Lane. 3:50pm – Arrive at Castle Green Circle. Turn right to travel around Castle Green Circle. 4:15pm – Arrive at Locksley Lane – Turn right onto Locksley Lane back to Watersville Rd. 4:30pm – Proceed back to Mount Airy Elementary.”