What we adore about autumn: UHS students share their favorite things about this cozy season.


Ava Gayowski, Reporter

Ah, at last, it is pumpkin season.  A time where we reflect on ourselves, reminisce over the summer, and change out our warm-weather wardrobes for sweaters, jeans, and coats. Soon enough, we start to post our pumpkin-flavored coffees, pumpkin patch pictures, and our autumnal outfits. 

You know, I think there’s more to this season than just adding photos to your Instagram feed.  I genuinely think that the “basic fall experience” is one that shouldn’t be made fun of or picked apart. Whether it’s admiring every orange or red leaf that falls in your step or simply enjoying a warm cup of coffee.  I can assure you that when you embrace life in all its beauty, you’ll understand why these so-called “basic” things make us happy.

“Pumpkin spice, pumpkin carving, the cold air, and the holidays coming.” – K.R. (12) 

There is nothing better than being excited about the upcoming holidays.  This year is obviously a little different. However, I think we can make the most of it by spending more time with family and continuing to strengthen those bonds through our favorite fall festivities.  Whether it’s carving pumpkins or going on a crisp evening walk, I truly believe that this season brings us together and makes all the heaviness in the world feel a bit lighter.

“Cuddling with your significant other.” – M.S. (11)

If you have a special someone, this one is for you. Cozying up on a cold autumn night with your significant other is another great way of celebrating the cool weather.  Better yet, have an at-home movie date and watch all of your favorite Halloween movies together.  There are so many fall-themed, corona-proof date ideas that you can do this time around.

“I love sweater weather, apple cider, and pumpkin-flavored food and drinks!” – C.C. (12)

Oh yes, the iconic pumpkin spice latte at local coffee shops and pumpkin-flavored cereal stocked on the shelves at the grocery store is all the hype we need for October.  Not to mention the heavenly smell of simmering apples and cinnamon on the stove-top and the warmth of the oven baking a loaf of pumpkin bread.  This is what we live for.  I have to be honest though, pumpkin spice lattes are not everybody’s favorite, and that’s totally okay!  In my personal opinion, they tend to be overly sweet but hey, if you like em’ drink em’!

“The cold air.” – S.M.S. (12)

Cool winds that freeze your hands and bite your nose are the most enjoyed in the fall… well, for some.  It’s refreshing to have some crisp air after a hot and humid summer.  The weather so far this October has been beautiful.  The air is chilly in the morning but warmer in the afternoon and I absolutely love it.

“I love going to the pumpkin patch and going apple picking every year.  I also love it when the weather gets more crisp so I can start wearing the cutest fall outfits!” – S.L. (12)

Finding the perfect pumpkin or picking the ripest apple is like finding gold.  Not to mention, wearing cute fall outfits ties the knot on it all. Whether it’s burnt orange sweaters, vests, boots, or flannels, it’s bound to make an aesthetic photoshoot to share with your friends and family. Some students here at UHS have family traditions where they go to an orchard every year to pick apples or they go to pumpkin patches.  It is definitely an experience to look forward to and get excited about.

“Sweater weather!” – P.R. (12)

When I was reading the replies to my question: “what do UHS students love about fall,” this was a common trend. Temperatures that force us to bring out our sweaters and scarves are the best kind.  I feel like for so many years we’ve had warmer fall seasons but this year we’ve been sticking to the cooler trends minus a few warmer days here and there.

“Getting seasonal decor & food and drinks.” – S.C. (12)

Decorating your room with lights, mini pumpkins, or faux leaves is a quick fix from not being enthusiastic about fall, to getting into the Halloween spirit.  My family loves decorating, so every year we decorate our house, inside and out.  Sometimes it even sparks our neighbor’s creativity to do their houses as well.

“How beautiful nature becomes during it.” L.F. (12)

Ah yes, when the sun sets early leaving the red and orange trees glowing with auburn hues and golden rays.  The cool air nips at your fingers and bites at your nose as you walk along a path covered with fallen leaves.  The slight warmth of the sun, beams on your rosy cheeks and immediately you are engulfed in mother nature’s natural beauty. Fall is truly the most beautiful season ever whether you like it or not.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

The “most basic” season is not one that is “all for the ‘gram.”  It’s about warm cozy nights, embracing your loved ones.  It’s a warm bowl of soup on a cold and rainy day.  It’s about taking joy in admiring your pumpkin-flavored or non-pumpkin-flavored coffee and being extra grateful that caffeine exists.  It allows us to adore the changing of the leaves and slowing down for just a second to truly fall in love with the season. It reminds us to fall in love with the little things like good books and warm cozy sweaters.  This here, is what we, UHS students, love about autumn.