Should we go back to school?


Isabella Carrero-Baptista, Reporter

The debate concerning whether or not we should go back to school has been hectic as ever, and as the first term of online learning closes, there is nothing that many have wished for more than to be able to go back to normal again. I know I have. There have been many factors that seem to support going back: fall sports competitions beginning on October 27th, creative trick-or-treat solutions for Halloween, people heeding to safety measures (at least for the most part). So… should we?

Apparently, the overwhelming answer is “no”.

According to a poll conducted on the Hawkeye Instagram account, 75% of students responded “no” upon being asked the question: “Should we go back to school this semester?” After sharing their displeasure with online school, many of the students thought that it was way too early and dangerous to return. Madeline Ireland, 11, said that “No, it’s way too soon. The numbers are just getting worse and worse and school is already a breeding ground for gross stuff. We should at least wait another term and re-asses.” Another common concern was the responsibility of the other students. Junior Abigail Shank says “…I don’t think  it is safe for the students to be around hundreds of people everyday. Knowing high school students, they would not be very responsible for keeping their masks on 24/7 and I believe that it would be very dangerous.” I, for one, agree with the shared sentiment. According to CBS Baltimore, recent Covid-19 cases have reached levels higher than cases in August. Going back? No thank you. 

What about the Hybrid Model? FCPS Final Plan for Reopening and Advancing Forward defines the Hybrid model as a “…model that incorporates both face-to-face instruction as well as virtual learning”. Half of the student body would go to school half of the week at a time, and the other half would continue virtual learning from home. As for “hybrid learning”, the answer was a reluctant “probably not?”. Emilio Crespo shared that “(It’s) still not a good idea. It’s “better”, but the school is overcrowded by a long shot.” Danielle Mcnerny, 12, was slightly more open to the idea: “I’m honestly not sure how comfortable I would feel. I think like anything, the idea would take some getting used to, but I’m open to it for sure. I know that Urbana will have our best interests in mind and if they decide it is safe to go back then I would try my best to put my full trust in those who are making these tough decisions.” My opinion on the Hybrid Model: Sure… but not yet.

All in all, it seems that we are nowhere near ready to go back to school yet. And if cases continue to rise, who knows how long it will take until we can even think of going back. For now, we should continue to make the most of what we can do. Plan weekly video calls with your friends, participate in virtual classes, and always remember to take care of your physical and mental health. 


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