4 Predictions for 2021

4 Predictions for 2021

Tatiana Grant, Reporter

2020 has come to an end and now 2021 will hopefully be better than what we’ve faced this past year either it be the killer virus or killer bees. Here are some predictions from me and other people that may happen in 20201.

Our economy took a toll when the Corona Virus hit, as many businesses shut down or were not getting enough income from customers since many people stopped shopping. However, businesses like Netflix and Cleaning organizations, especially the toilet paper business did thrive during this pandemic. Gabriel Khawaja, 10, predicts, “[that] if Biden can contain the Corona Virus, the stock market will rise and the economy will go back to normal.” Adding onto this prediction Ava Gayowski, 12 “think[s] it’s gonna depend on how effective the vaccine is… like it will cover other strains/mutations. I think we will see some turbulence with the change of administration (trump->Biden) but It will stabilize I think. There will definitely be some inflation where prices go up and people’s incomes won’t so it really depends.”

With school starting with hybrid learning at the end of January there can be many predictions on if it will help us or cause more cases. Kylie Houston, 10, thinks “that unless covid numbers significantly decrease our school will open just to shut down a week or two later as we are seeing with other schools. I also hope the workload improves otherwise I think we will continue to see lots of stress.” I also agree with this prediction as we are still trying to be careful but there is a huge possibility with students still being exposed to each other we may go back to online.

Traveling has still been a big thing during this winter break as people travel to go see their loved ones. With the Corona Virus at large people are still traveling on airplanes with masks and quarantine rules after you land at your selected location. Sarah Mansoor, 10, “think[s] people are gonna say that traveling is gonna be fine in 2021 … the vaccine came out. In my opinion I say traveling isn’t the best idea because there is a new strand of covid that is even more contagious and if we take full precautions stay home and be safe then we could be set! I miss it more than anything in the world to be on a plane going out, but I don’t think it’s safe. Hopefully people realize that and don’t go out so much.”

Corona Virus:
With quite a year already the Corona Virus has had 78.1 million cases with many many deaths. Emily Wang, 10 “hope[s] that it gets better but I don’t think it will.” I also agree with this. A poll that I did on Instagram shows over 83% of people thinking that the Corona Virus will not be gone in 2021.

Along with predictions, look ahead for the future or what you are planning on going to do this year. Set some resolutions and make this a better year for you.