Minh Le, Reporter

While some play sports, he plays the piano. Samuel Sun, a sophomore at Urbana High School started his musical career. Instead of learning how to play any type of sports, his parents took  him to piano lessons alternatively. 

At the age of 5, Samuel was sent to lessons as a way to learn an instrument. However, when they started to do multiple lessons, they realized that he was a natural at it. With the help of his parents and teachers, he began to excel in learning keys and songs. 

Over the next few years, he learned more impressive keys, improving and honing his skills and techniques. He said, “Since I started to learn piano, I’ve felt like it was a part of my being and something that I couldn’t be without.” His talent on the piano has grown immensely over the last few years, allowing him to play songs with greater difficulties.

Playing the piano towards others is something that he enjoys doing in his spare time. By playing for others he says that for him, playing for friends or family “is something that I like to do since I can demonstrate the skills that I have built for myself and to show how much I have improved.” 

In the future, Samuel plans to continue playing the piano for the UHS orchestra and learn more songs. His current goal right now is to play Winter Wind by Frédéric Chopin, which is considered by many as one of his harder songs of his 24 etudes.