William Houghton, Reporter

Whether her field hockey team needs a big score or her Rugby team is down by a few points, you can count on UHS senior, Celeste Valerio to come up clutch.

 “Coach Watsik, who used to teach here… I was in her P.E class and she was just like, hey, we need a goalie! And so I tried out and I really liked it,” Celeste told me when I asked why she began playing field hockey. A few years later, she was making huge saves in an Urbana playoff game. “I was really nervous going into that game… But I had two saves, and then our defense is amazing, honestly… I’m grateful for them.” That’s the type of player Celeste is; she gives credit to her teammates, despite being a star athlete. When asked what motivates her to continue playing and working hard, Celeste gave credits to her teammates again, saying, “They’re a great group of girls, and I do it for them.”

Despite all of her success as a field hockey player, Celeste is a Rugby star at heart, a sport she’s been playing for years. In 2022, she plans on playing rugby (and maybe field hockey as well), at Boston College. When questioned about why she wants to attend the school, Celeste told me, “I liked the feel of the school, I liked the city… I want to play rugby [for Boston College]”

Until she gets accepted by her dream school, you can find Celeste studying hard in school, or making big hits and saves in her favorite sports. Although she still isn’t set on a career after college, with her work ethic and hustle, she’ll be sure to succeed in any field.