Do Students Like Their New Classes?

Sylvia Liang, Reporter

How do students feel about their mental health this year? Mental health is an important issue for students to participate in, with it being an important time for students to care about it at this stage of their life. With a new semester having been going on for some time now, how do students feel about their mental health this semester, and is it better than last semesters?

One student says that they like their new classes better. He commented that his sleep schedule was “far better as it’s been way less erratic”. He also commented that despite not knowing why, “I can say with 100% certainty it’s gotten better”. He also says that he’s “far less stressed about my classes this term than last term”, and “I’ve gotten back into the swing of things”. However, has commented the opposite, instead being “more stressed out, but in all honesty it’s because I have more difficult classes compared to the last student”. A different student answers that they are at an equal amount of stress”, however did note that they “don’t stress much when it comes to school”.

Knowing people in your classes can make or break what you call a good or bad class. When students were asked how many people they knew in each class, the first one replied that “Yes, I know at least 2-3 people in all my classes” when asked how many people she knew compared to the last term. The second one is similar, commenting that she “know[s] a bunch of people except for in chemistry”. Another student notes that they “know the same amount of people from last term as from this term”.

Grades can influence a large part of students’ mental health, with bad grades being detrimental and good grades helping. A student says that they’re grades are “worse at the moment than last term”, but did also comment that it was because their “teachers haven’t put in the recent assignments in the grade book yet”. A student in virtual did respond that they feel “better”, however did comment that “basically nothing is graded yet”

Currently, most students answer that they feel positive about the new semester, improving in grades, sleep schedule, the people they know, grades, and they stress that they face in school. However, it is important to note that some students are not having a better time compared to the last semester compared to other students.