To some cars are just a mode of transportation, but for Blayne Summers, a junior at Urbana High School it is much more. Growing up around his dad working with cars and other motor vehicles he has grown interested. He was 6 years old when he began working on cars with his dad and since then he has been captivated.

Blayne is one of the students who attend CTC for one-half of the school day. In CTC auto body class he works hands-on with cars, learning how to fix cars and paint them. The most interesting project he has worked on was when he did body work on a truck. “We had to buy new parts and fix the bed bumper and then re-painted the body of the truck.” His proudest achievement he says was, “I got to bring parts of my ATC to class and plastic welded them together.” While he states he liked all parts of the class his favorite was when they got to do paint jobs on cars.

While in class being attentive is crucial with many safety rules, he says that he and his classmates know how to have fun when allowed. If he could describe the class in three words he chose, “fun, cool, and informative.” He states his favorite memory of the class was, “My classmates and I got to destroy a car… we bent the car in half and smashed it with hammers, we did all kinds of stuff.”

Blayne plans to pursue his career in cars and this class is his first step as it gives a start in the field with experience. He recommends this class to students who are interested in cars saying, “it is a very fun class and gives a good experience for those who want to pursue this subjector even if you are just interested.” To future students, he would give advice on “being respectful and being ready to learn.”

“I want to be successful,” Blayne states for his future plans. “Making a lot of money by doing what I love; working with cars.”