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Singlehood 101: How to be your own valentine

Don’t let the countless ads displaying happy couples discourage you this February 14.

When you reflect on Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Do you envision the fragrant aroma of roses? The excited squeals of a girl receiving a bouquet of chocolates? Maybe you picture oversized, chocolate-scented teddy bears displaying “I LOVE YOU” in crimson stitching? Or does the nostalgic taste of candy hearts nestled in Valentine’s Day boxes from your elementary school days flood your senses?

For high schoolers, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic relationships—it’s a chance to celebrate friendships, self-love, and connections with others. Even if you’re single, you’re not alone in celebrating the holiday. In fact, according to the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one-third of single Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day in some way, whether it’s treating themselves to something special, or spending time with friends.

Personally, I am perfectly fine being single — as a matter of fact, I embrace it. Once school is over, I head straight home and finish my homework. I typically unwind by playing Roblox, taking a nap, meditating, or taking a cold shower. My attention is mainly on my close friends and family — the idea of having a boyfriend rarely crosses my mind. I don’t feel the need to ‘look after’ someone else but myself, and my only exception for spending money on someone else is for my parents during the holidays.

Here’s what a few single Hawks had to say about Valentine’s Day.

Easton Malone doesn’t see a difference between February 14 and any other day of the year.

Sophomore Easton Malone disclosed that he treats the day like any other. Regarding the significance of romantic gestures, Malone emphasized the importance of random acts of kindness or small acts of service throughout the year, suggesting that expressions of love should be consistent rather than concentrated on a single day.

“If you love someone you’ll want to make them happy all the time or at least try too, so celebrating your significant other should be a regular part of a relationship, for both people,” he clarified.

Arya Mahajan believes that Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration for all relationships.

Arya Mahajan, a senior, advocates for celebrating friendships on Valentine’s Day. She refers to it as “Galentine’s Day,” where she trades gifts amongst her friends, Secret Santa style. She places emphasis on highlighting the significance of honoring friends alongside romantic partners, which underscores a broader understanding of love and companionship. Not only does it promote inclusivity, but it also advocates appreciation for all types of relationships.

Vito Pinto prefers to shop for himself on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of gifts, the National Retail Federation found that 28% of Americans planned to treat themselves on Valentine’s Day, spending an average of $26.69 on self-gifting. The majority of this money was spent on traditionally romantic gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and greeting cards with heartfelt messages.

Senior Vito Pinto proved this, stating, “I usually buy myself chocolates, or go shopping at a nearby city, such as Downtown Frederick.” In addition to shopping, he–just like Arya–doesn’t forget to show his love for his friends. He uses Valentine’s Day as a day to express the appreciation he has for everyone in he holds close to his heart.

Okay, I could go on a shopping spree — but what if I’m on a budget?

Take a bubble bath

A simple bubble bath will do just the trick! Not only will the warm water relax your muscles, but it also offers a chance to have some quiet, alone time away from the demands of daily life.Focusing on the sensations of the bath—such as the feeling of the water, the aroma of the bath products, and the silence that surrounds you—can help calm the mind and reduce stress. While you’re at it, you can catch up on your favorite shows, such as British rom-com Heartstopper, or Jordanian drama Al-Rawabi School for Girls.

Write your feelings out

Despite what you might have been told growing up, having a diary is not ‘weird’. In fact, it’s been proven to be one of the best methods of releasing negative feelings. A few benefits that come with journaling are…

  • Improved memory skills — They help improve our working memory by allowing us to retain information for greater periods of time.
  • Improved well-being — The control of writing in a diary reduces depressive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Improved self-awareness — Keeping a diary gives you a new perspective on yourself and is a prime opportunity to be more honest with yourself, giving you time to ask yourself what is causing you to feel the way you do.

How about some other tips?

According to Seventeen Magazine, five other things you can do on February 14 are:
1. Volunteer — Help out at your local animal shelter, nursing home, or hospital, and spread some love around your neighborhood.
2. Attend a concert — There’s nothing like letting loose and singing along to your favorite artist’s songs!
3. Get a makeover — Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get that haircut you’ve been putting off.
4. Take a dance class — Dance the FOMO away!
5. Unplug — This one could be very useful for those with a severe case of FOMO. Power off your electronics and keep your mind focused on something else.

In summary…

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for expressing love and affection, and there are many thoughtful gifts to choose from. Whether it’s the classic bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a personalized token of appreciation, the sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters.

Regardless of your marital status, the essence of Valentine’s Day lies in showing love and appreciation for the important people in our lives. So, whether you’re exchanging gifts or simply spending quality time together, the spirit of love and connection makes Valentine’s Day a cherished celebration for people of all ages.

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