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Parting Words: Advice from the class of 2024

Graphic made by Alyssa Tyler

Four years of high school, quickly ending.

As another class of UHS seniors are preparing for the end of the school year, they look back on their high school years and think of all they have done and learned. With that, they remember mistakes they may have made, or things they wish they knew when they were underclassmen. Luckily, it’s not too late, and they can still share everything they have learned.

Choose the Classes You Want to Take

If you have a very specific interest and UHS offers classes for it, take those classes! “Not just because it is an AP [class] or a college course. Choose the classes you want to take,” Kelly McCarron said. High school is about finding out what you want to do, and if you just take classes for the credit or for your permanent record, you aren’t exploring what you like.

Take Advantage of FCC and CTC Classes

Lily Wieksner (12) “Its so much better when you get to leave in the middle of the day.”

A perk of UHS is that we are offered free college and career classes. They can really help you in the long run. CTC (Career and Technology Center) can help you explore career paths, if you are seriously interested in a certain career or if you just want to try something. You also have the option of leaving campus for the CTC classes. FCC (Frederick Community College) classes will give you free college credit, so that when you are eventually in college, you’ll have fewer classes to take. You also get three days a week without the specific block.

Get Your Required Classes Out of the Way

“You don’t want to be doing classes you need to make up [during] your senior year. You want to have fun in your senior year,” Will Brookes advised. Your senior year is going to be stressful enough with college applications and graduation. Required credits would just be adding to the stress. So, get your required credits, it will be hard at first but completely worth it.

Will Brookes (12) “At the end of the day, high school is not going to make or break your life.”

Nobody Actually Cares

Sometimes it may feel like everybody is judging your every move, but in reality, as James Barrows said, “Nobody actually cares.” Everyone is already busy worrying about themselves and school. They don’t have time to judge who you are and everything you do.

James Barrows (12) “No one actually cares, so stop.”

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

It may sound cliché, but it is really important to step out of your comfort zone. “[Try] something you thought you would never try or get back into,” CeCe Heartford explained. “Just do it for fun and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again.” Stepping out of your comfort zone can help you discover new things that you love or want to do in the future. Do a lot of different things, don’t become tied down to one specific sport, club or class. You never know what you are going to enjoy.

CeCe Hartford (12) “Just try something different, it could really end up changing your path.”

Get Your Work in on Time

As soon as you get home, do your homework, or anything you didn’t finish during the day. Even if you think that it won’t be that big of a deal, the late work and assignments will pile up and, in the end, bite you in the butt. “Procrastinating and doing it [your work] at 3 am, one, the work doesn’t come out well and two, it just makes you stressed,” explained Davin Seifert. It will never be worth the late grade, it will be worth it to get good grades on your assignments. “Until your junior year, do your work, then when you are a senior, you can relax a bit more,” Arya Mahajan added.

Arya Mahajan (12) “Sometimes you can slack off, but until your junior year, do your homework.”

Never Dwell on Your Past Mistakes

We all have done things we regret, but dwelling on those mistakes will just cause you more pain. You can always look back on your mistakes and reflect on them, and learn how to not make the mistake again, but never dwell on them.

Jocelyn Haenftling (12) “For the love of God, pay attention to your deadlines.”

Go With the Flow

It’s okay if things don’t go the way you expected them to. If something goes wrong, or you change your mind about what you want to do in college, it’s completely fine. Don’t try to make things go the exact way you want them to. Everything will work out in the end.

Just Have Fun

Find things to do outside of school. Whether that is an after school activity or hanging out with friends. “Do what you are supposed to, but don’t die doing your work,” Ryan McKnee warned. “Whatever you do, have fun with that.” You are only young once, enjoy your teenage years.

Gabi Dwoskin (12) “Make time for the things that are important to you”

It Will Get Better

High school is hard. It’s a slow, long process. During this process, a lot of things will happen, mostly good, but bad things will still happen. Whatever you are going through will get better. Not just in school, but in life. It may not seem like it will ever end, but it will. You got this.

These are only just a few tips from seniors all across UHS. They have gone through anything and everything, a lot of this comes from personal experience. So take what they have shared, and remember it. It will help you as you go through highschool.

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Alyssa Tyler
Alyssa Tyler, Reporter
Alyssa Tyler is a senior at Urbana High School. Alyssa has moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Urbana Maryland at 14 years old. “It was definitely a culture shock, but I’m glad I’m here,” she mentioned.  She has loved her time at Urbana and has loved all the friends and experiences she has had here. Alyssa’s biggest dream is costume designing for broadway. She also enjoys music, books, singing, and traveling. The dream of costume designing started after seeing Lion King on Broadway and then sketching wedding dresses in the 9th grade with inspiration from Say Yes to the Dress. This has led her to becoming the costume manager in Urbana High School's drama department.  Alyssa Tyler has loved traveling for a long time. She loves the idea of going to new places as well as seeing and doing new things that she would have never done at home. Alyssa is also a huge fan of music. Her top genres are 90’s grunge and modern pop. One of her favorite artists is Taylor Swift and she actually attended the Eras tour concert  in June. “It was such an amazing experience, I’m really glad I went,” she said.  Other artists she likes include Tate McRae, Foo Fighters, and Nirvana. She plays guitar as well as sings! Books are also an escape for Alyssa, saying that books are a way to escape the world and music is a way to drown it out.

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