Featured Musician: Jenna Abrams

Jenna Abrams playing the piano.

Jenna Abrams playing the piano.

Jenna Abrams is an Urbana High School Junior. She enjoys playing the piano and singing. She is a student of the Chamber Ensemble, Choir, and Piano. She hopes to pursue music in her future.

Hawkeye Reporter: “What instruments do you play?”

Jenna Abrams: “I play the piano and I sing.”

HR: “How long have you been playing?”

JA: “I’ve been playing and singing for 11 years now.”

HR: “How did you get into playing?”

JA: “My dad played a lot when I was a kid so it got me into playing the piano as well.”

HR: “What music classes have you taken?”

JA: “I have taken Choir for 3 years, as well as Chamber Ensemble and Piano.”

HR: “On average, how long do you practice in a week?”

JA: “I practice at least 2 hours daily.”

HR: “Who influences you and your music?”

JA: “Vanessa Carlton influences me in my singing as well as my piano.”

HR: “What music do you listen to outside of class?”

JA: “I listen to indie; I also like music that isn’t mainstream.”

HR: “Do you see yourself playing in the future?”

JA: “I can’t imagine my life without music, so yes.”

HR: “Do you plan on pursuing a career in music?”

JA: “I would like to do something with music in college.”

HR: “Do you have any words for people on the fence of pursuing music?”

JA: “It’s a really amazing experience to have and it becomes a part of your life you need to have.”