Featured Photographer: Amber Murphy


Anusha Patel

Landscape captured by Amber Smith.

Anusha Patel

Senior Amber Murphy has been snapping pictures since the age of 8. She decided she wanted to see how well she would do in a class, so she took up photography at Urbana High School taught by photography teacher, Michael Heller.

Hawkeye Reporter: What photography class are you in?

Amber Murphy: I’m in photo 3.

HR: What made you want to take the photography class here at UHS?

AM: I was entering photographs in the Frederick Fair and I was placing pretty well, so I wanted to see how I would do in a class.

HR: Did any project in particular inspire you to want to take another photography class?

AM: The Photography 1 projects were limited, so I wanted to be able to have more freedom in what I was doing.

HR: What type of photography are you interested in? Why?

AM: Landscape, because it’s outside, and also black and white because it shows the simplicity of everything.

HR: What kind of camera have you been using?

AM: I’ve used a point and shoot camera and a 35 millimeter.

HR: Do you have plans to do something involving photography in the future? If so, for what?

AM: A couple college classes, but I might incorporate photography into my major.

HR: How long have you been interested in photography?

AM: Since I was 8 years old. I got a camera and was addicted to it, as cheesy as it sounds.

HR: Do you share your photography anywhere? If so, where?

AM: I share my photos at the Frederick Fair and take pictures of shows around the state.

HR: What is your favorite thing about photography?

AM: The fact that the art is real, and that what I’m working with is there and not a re-creation.

HR: What is your favorite piece of work that you have photographed?

AM: My landscape photos and this one photo I have with a river in it.

HR: Do you have any goals to achieve by the end of this year?

AM: I want to try to get a six on my AP Portfolios.

HR: Who inspired you?

AM: Heller. Where do I start? He’s a guy that you’ll feel comfortable asking questions and he’ll help you fix any problems you come across. When I walk in, it doesn’t feel like he’s a teacher, he’s become sort of like a mentor.