Featured Artist: Zoe Ball

Sophomore, Zoe Ball has been taking art classes as long as she can remember. Starting off enjoying painting in kindergarten, Ball has come to enjoy Art and the creativity that comes with it. Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol are two of her favorite artists. As a freshman she received third place in the school art show for a watercolor painting.  Ball hopes to one day become an art teacher.

Hawkeye Reporter: What caused you to be interested in art?

Zoe Ball: It is one of the things I am best at. I like to express myself through art.

HR: What type of art do you create?

ZB: I am best at painting and I draw a lot. I enjoy op art, pop art, and pointillism.

HR: What are your favorite materials to use when creating art?

ZB: Paint, Prismsacolor colored pencils, normal graphite, and oil pastels.

HR: What caused you to start taking art classes?

ZB: After elementary school I did not want to experience school without art.

HR: What art classes have you taken?

ZB: All the art classes in middle school and Art 1 and Art 2. Next semester I am taking Drawing and Painting 2.

HR: Which one was your favorite?

ZB: Art 2, more challenging. [It includes] things I have never done before like copper repousse.

HR: What makes a good artist?

ZB: Someone who genuinely cares and tries to express themselves through art.

HR: Where do you get your inspiration from?

ZB: Nature, emotions, people around me and random things I see.

HR: What do you enjoy most about art?

ZB: Being able to take and idea and do whatever I want with it. Make it unique.

HR: Will you continue taking art classes throughout high school? Why?

ZB: “Yes, [art is] my favorite part of the day, art is second nature [for me].”

HR: Do you have any advice to students who are thinking of taking art?

ZB: It is not just an easy A class, pay attention to the techniques taught. As long as you do something it will end up looking good.