Winter Wonderland

Erinn Sanders

Christopher Shea
The Urbana High School Marching Band is a vivid presence in the Urbana community. From playing at football games, going to competitions, and holding events it is easy to find the marching band hard at work. One of the events that they are holding soon is called “Winter Wonderland”. Sponsored by the band boosters, it is an event where kids from local elementary schools can walk through the cafeteria, picking a gift for their parents.

The band students volunteer their time working on this event, many of them dressing up as elves and leading the kids through the workshop. They also set up the event, putting out tables for local businesses to show kids their products. Rachael Martin, a sophomore in marching band said, “It is very fun to help out with Winter Wonderland. I got to make many little kids smile.”

Not only is the event beneficial to the kids participating, it also helps the community. Many small local businesses use Winter Wonderland to sell products and get publicity, hoping to increase their sales.

Unfortunately, you have to be a member of the band to volunteer, but it is not impossible to join the band, if you do not play an instrument but want to, Martin suggests private lessons. She also said, “If you are athletic, flexible, or love to dance, color guard would be a great choice for you. No experience needed.” When asked about other positions in the band and what they did, she said, “Drumline marches on the field while the pit is in the front on the sideline, playing marimbas, vibraphones, the glockenspiel, bass drum, synthesizer, and a series of percussion instruments on ‘the rack’.” There are a wide variety of positions on the marching band to be filled. Marching band is a tight-knit community and a way to spend your time surrounded by many friendly faces.