Drama Club: Photo of the Day 2/21/2020


Celeste Allanach

Pictured: Ember Carrara and Grant Lieberman

Alexandra Grech

Every third Friday of the month is club day. During club day, half of each class block is used for club time. There are numerous different clubs happening throughout the day such as drama club, chess club, ultimate frisbee, Student Government Association, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

One club in particular is drama. This week in drama club the students went over a slideshow about upcoming show dates and other general information they need to know. During the second half of the club the students played a game called “Park Bench”. In this game a bench is created out of chairs or a desk. One student will be sitting on the bench and someone else has to try and come make the student sitting down “vacate” the bench. The only rule is that the person sitting on the bench cannot be touched. For this game, Mackenzie Ford, Drama club president, says to “come up with characters that will make the person move”. This is a great game for students to have fun and it is also a bit of a challenge since the student on the bench cannot be picked up or moved.