Mr. Moran: Social Studies Teacher

Mr Moran1

“What was it like living in California, Guatemala, and now here?”

“Comparing Guatemala to Southern California, Southern California was restricted. In Guatemala, I could go anywhere, but in California I had to drive everywhere. Comparing California to here however, there was more stuff in California…by stuff I mean stores, restaurants, parks, and here It’s like everything’s so separate you know. It takes you fifteen to twenty minutes to go anywhere, but I get the four seasons [here]. In California it’s just…I’m going to say moderate.”

“Which was your Favorite?”

“That’s hard because all three of them have positives and negatives. I know I can’t go back and live in California or Guatemala. Once I retire I want to live near the beach. When I was younger and I wouldn’t have school, I would get on my bike and it took me thirty minutes to get to the beach.”