Conor Cochran: Senior

Connor Cochran

“What is your favorite production you have performed in?”

“Honestly Beauty and the Beast is currently my favorite production.  I love the music, the plot, and the character I play, the Beast. This musical is different than any other production I have been in because of the grandiosity of the sets, the cast, and the numbers in the musical. This is the highest scale production I have ever been in, and I am fortunate to have been a part of this production.”

“What is it like playing the Beast?”

“The Beast is an intricate character that has been very interesting for me to grow into. To play the Beast it is very intense, so it has been a challenge yet a fun experience for me to take on. The Beast is physically demanding due to his animalistic portrayal, however it is emotionally demanding too. The Beast’s emotions are complex, but are very strong in portrayal. It has been interesting to see the character from an actor’s standpoint, and see the psychology behind a character so intricate as the beast.”