Internships at Urbana High School


Marissa Meadows, a UHS student that participates in an out-of-school internship.

Francesca Testen, In-Focus Editor

While many UHS students are hard at work during the four blocks of the school day, there are a handful of Urbana students who are making a difference by doing work outside the classroom. Thirty four students currently participate in internships during the school day. An internship is a working position
that allows a student to gain work experience while serving an organization or their community.

Marissa Meadows, a senior, participates in an internship at the Fellowship Christian School in Germantown, Maryland. As an intern, her duties include substitute teaching, making lesson
plans, and providing supplemental learning, or review sessions for elementary school students.
Meadows also serves as a teacher’s aide in a preschool class, working with two to four-year-old children.
“I think the hardest part about having my internship is the lesson planning. It’s hard to find time to lesson plan and find worthwhile subjects that I can teach the kids,” Meadows said.

Educational internships provide a valuable service to children within a community. The internship is a great learning experience for students interested in careers in teaching, childhood development, or public affairs.


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